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“…The new Direction of Time…”

Solstice News December 2020

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Talking with Faye Blake
  3. Book Review
  4. Looking at a Chart
  5. A solstice gift

Where are we Now?

If you follow any astrology at all, you will know that today, the 21st December 2020 is a big deal. Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at zero degrees Aquarius.

Every 20 years or so these two mighty planets which astrology tells us govern social trends, appear to be in the same place in the sky from our point of view here on earth.

For about 200 years (usually with one exception) they meet up in a sign of the same element. So for the past 200 years beginning in 1801 this conjunction cycled backwards through the zodiac starting in Virgo, then Taurus, then Capricorn and repeating that sequence with one exception in 1980 when they met in Libra (air sign, preview of the coming 200 year cycle).

And for the next 200 years these social planets will meet starting today (December 21st 2020) in Aquarius, then Libra (2040), then Gemini (2060), and repeating the sequence in that order.

What might this mean?

I think D H Lawrence had something when he wrote Song of a Man Who Has Come Through, here are the first two lines:

Not I, not I, but the wind that blows through me!
A fine wind is blowing the new direction of Time.

And here is a recording of me reading it.

The Wind reference is appropriate because Aquarius is an AIR sign. For the past 200 years  Jupiter and Saturn have been meeting in EARTH. … which according to some astrological thinking may explain our species-wide rapacity and exploitation of earth resources.

Consider the element of AIR. It pervades. Aquarius carries social connectivity, and along with the other AIR signs is to do with the mental realm. New thinking anyone?

Talking With Faye Blake

If the internet is anything to go by, interest in astrology is going galactic. Astrologers of all kinds abound. The splendid Astrology Podcast gives long form discussions with accomplished practitioners. But if you haven’t got the spare 2 hours or so to listen regularly, I’m starting a short-form series.

The idea here is a 5 to 7 minute excerpt from a conversation. If the material interests you, there are links where you can discover more…

I’m delighted to welcome Faye Blake as my first guest in this series. A thoroughly accomplised astrologer, she has an extensive website with all kinds of content and featuring her “Monthly Planet” newsletter which is excellent reading. Faye has several specialities. Among them is expert knowledge of the heavenly body, Ceres. From an astrological point of view Ceres is hugely relevant to us now given the environmental crisis of our times.

Here are a few references from the talk which may be useful:

Rupert Sheldrake: very well worth looking at his material if you don’t know him already, easy to find on YouTube and other places. A holistic scientist.

Demetra George: wrote The Asteroid Goddesses, pioneering work.

Ken Wilbur: a spiritual psychologist, wrote No Boundary

Nick Campion: astrological historian and academic

And here is Faye’s post on the Great Conjunction mentioned above.

Another area of Faye’s expertise is career counseling. She is well versed in all the usual ways to explore vocation but with the added deep personal insight offered by the astrology. If you are looking to re-invent your work life in these challenging times or just for general interest you might like to check out her book.

Faye’s website again:

Book Review

With a Gemini Moon in the 9th it’s not surprising that I am reading too many books at one time. At the moment my bedside astro-reading stack includes:

Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolf Green, The Hades Moon by Judy Hall, Understanding Karmic Complexes by Patricia L. Walsh, The Astrology of Love and Sex by Annabel Gat, Vocational Astrology by Faye Blake

I review Faye’s book here


Looking at a Chart

This is the natal chart of D H Lawrence, the guy who wrote the poem that I recite above.

And here are are few things that one notices immediately.

First off: Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, source of many things, but among them, personal power, in Mercury-ruled Gemini in the 8th House of the hidden, the deep, the intense – read some more of Lawrence’s poetry and tell me if you agree that that seems to fit?!

And talking of Mercury, the writers’ God, he is elevated in the 10th House of career in his dignity in Virgo, and from there Mercury also rules the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the very visible 11th House, and the Sun is widely conjunct the north node of destiny, which is itself widely conjunct the planet of originality, Uranus.

Mars is the chart ruler, placed in the 9th. Learning about sexuality perhaps? But not without difficulty because Saturn is there too. And it’s Mars in Cancer – a noted feature of that placement is a tendency to fight for causes.


But it’s the 12th House that grabs me. Before we get to that, notice that everything is in the Southern Hemisphere in the chart. Would there have been a what-you-see-is what-I’ve-got quality to the man? But all of that behind the watery smokescreen of a Scorpio ascendant, so if you knew him personally you might not really have had any idea what was going on with him.

So here was a man, as we know, a powerful writer – so frightening to the authorities that they banned one of his books, Lady Chatterly’s Lover for about four decades. But if ever a man was in search of the divine feminine, I nominate D H Lawrence. Consider a few of his titles to start with: Women in Love, The Virgin and the Gypsy, Sons and Lovers, 

The Moon in the 12th, in touch with the secrets of the deep subconscious, rules Mars as stated above. But notice please the relationship between Moon and Venus, with Venus conjunct the ascendant from the 12th, and now notice Ceres conjunct the ascendant from the 1st – here is Maiden, Mother, Crone – as referenced in my talk with Faye above. I like that. I had not mentioned Lawrence to Faye, I chose his poem because of the “…fine wind…” and the Great Conjunction, and I did not know that Ceres in Lawrence’s chart sits conjunct his rising sign until I asked the software to add her in to the mix. One of those minor synchronicities that I enjoy!

A Solstice Gift

So I’ve slightly revamped this site (ongoing). You might like to take a look at the new Resources Page. This newsletter will now offered on a quarterly basis. If you’re new here and you find the content interesting by all means enter your email for a low-impact way to stay in touch.

And … if I have already read for you I will be contacting you early in the New Year.

Meanwhile, If you would like a reading, if you make a booking with me by the end of the year, to be taken anytime between now and the spring (northern hemisphere) equinox on 20th March 2021, I offer it on a donation basis with a $1 dollar minimum.

It takes me between 2 and 3 hours to prepare to read for someone, so this is not something I can afford to do all the time! But if you’d like to take up this offer then:

  1. Email me at with Solstice in the subject line before December 31st 2020.
  2. Include your birth stats: Date, time (if you know it), location
  3. Your preferred appointment date – anytime (subject to availability) between now and  March 20th 2021. If I am booked that day I will get back to you with alternatives.

Happy Solstice!

Shakespeare and Astrology

I’m delighted to let you know that I will be guest speaker on Tuesday June 30th 2:30 pm Eastern USA/7:30 pm UK at:

Aquarius Rising: West of Scotland Astrological Association

My topic is:

Shakespeare was an astrologer

(or if he wasn’t he knew people who were)

Here is the blurb:

This talk is an astrological exploration looking at the chart of the Bard and his work. For example, it’s well known that the seven ages of man speech in As You Like It takes us from the Moon through to Saturn in order of orbital period. But did you know that there is a Jupiter signature in The Tempest, or a Saturn one in Romeo and Juliet, or that Sonnet 15 echoes the Duke’s speech at the top of act 3 in Measure for Measure? Mars figures in all the history plays, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream is as lunar as it gets. Shakespeare was at home in the solar system and he wrote the plays to prove it!

If you’d like to attend as a guest (no need to join the group although you are welcome if astrology is an interest), here is the zoom link and the date again is, June 30th 2:30 pm Eastern USA/7:30 pm UK

They do ask for a donation of five quid!

Please pay here

See you there!

What is Happening?!?

It’s been a while since I posted here. The truth is, I’ve been busy with my day job as an actor, working almost continually for the past couple of years, quite a bit of it on Broadway which is where I was when they closed us down about two weeks ago.

Acting aside, a few people have asked me about the astrology of the pandemic. So here at this renamed site, are some thoughts.

Way back in the 1980s I came across a slim volume called Future Tense, it’s out of print now but it was a compilation of predictions and projections from all kinds of future-gazers: from out-and-out psychics, thru astrologers, to industrial psychologists and more…

Quite a bit of what was predicted has come to pass. Striking then was the consensus that America would move a very long way to the right. There was also a commercial-market-industrial crisis of some kind somewhere in the 2008 – 2010 range predicted, and it was said more than once that if the prevailing culture as a whole did not take the opportunity to learn what adjustments were needed (and it was unlikely that it would), then there would be an even more severe crisis at some time after 2016.

My view (but then my politics are green-of-centre) is that the crisis is an environmental one. The way we live has become ever-increasingly more toxic. It’s said that if you drink tap water in Florida (a place I have frequently visited for work) you are likely ingesting your neighbor’s medications.

Certain kinds of plastic leech estrogen-mimic hormones into water and the environment generally. We are poisoning the earth, the water, the air. All of us know it and most of us are powerless to stop it.

Concerned people, from Sir David Attenborough in his nineties to Greta Thunberg in her teens, have been trying to get meaningful government action. Often met with indifference, and when as in Greta’s case there is notice, awards, media attention; the fury, the scorn and the aggression of the ignorant follows.

In science fiction writings authors as diverse as Arthur C. Clarke and Doris Lessing have written stories that support the Gaia hypothesis as proposed by scientist Sir James Lovelock, the idea that the planet itself is a living organism with its own mighty intelligence.

Is it possible then, however heretical it may be to orthodox science, to imagine the solar system as an organized whole, operating in time scales of unimaginable vastness, but  a living being among whose parts each depends upon the others?

If it were so what would it mean when the only place in the entire system which appears to support sentient life were to become toxic?

We are living in the culmination of several astronomical/astrological cycles from the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn one to the two and half century one of Pluto’s orbit, and other larger cycles too.

There is a powerful conjunction of planets up there, and if planetary influence is falling to the Earth as astrology says it is, then the line-up of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars should easily be powerful enough to re-arrange things here on the planet where we live.

Although a global pandemic has been frequently predicted by journalists, scientists, environmentalists and movies, few astrologers (none that I’m aware of) made a specific prediction about this virus. Many astrologers did foresee massive change and disruption, possibly also enormous opportunity, approaching since 2008, apexing in the year 2020, probably continuing for some years.

So here are some of the astrological elements at play here:

The recent and ongoing line up of planets in Capricorn is worth looking at.

On January 12th 2020 Saturn made and exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, this 35 year cycle had not happened in the Earth sign of Capricorn since the year 1518.

Take a look at the chart here: Aspect with Asteroids

Other planets adding their potency in the same sign at that time were: The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. The planetoid Ceres (the one with the glyph that looks like a question mark) is also conjunct Saturn/Pluto within a few minutes of arc. This celestial pattern persisted for five days until the 17th January when Mercury left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. But then, a month later, Mars completed its transit of Sagittarius and entered Capricorn also.

Capricorn: sign of structure, achievement, responsibility. Manifesting at a collective level as  governance, institution, tradition.

Pluto: Lord of the Underworld, death, rebirth, transformation, trauma, volcanic upheaval.

Saturn: restriction, contraction, fear.

Mercury: messenger of the Gods, the mind, communication.

Jupiter: expansion of everything it touches.

Ceres: Goddess of the harvest, the fierce mother, environmental awareness.

Mars: energy, desire, anger.

That small selection of keywords scarcely begins to define each planet’s potential effects, but you can see that Saturn/Pluto is a formidable combination of powers. While in recent years there have been frequent and ongoing disclosures of secret wrongdoing (a Pluto effect) in government, in institutions and by individuals with status and profile (Saturnine characteristics); at the same time governments (Capricorn) have tried relentlessly to control more and more areas of common life (Saturn).

And currently, expansive Jupiter is enlarging this combination and for the past six weeks Mars (the God of War) has been adding his energy as he has touched each of the more distant planets in the mix.

There’s more.

Taurus, Earth sign of comfort, security, pleasure, is now hosting Uranus about which we know only that we can expect the unexpected.

Taurus trines (a flowing aspect ) Capricorn by sign and in the next few years Uranus will come within five degrees of an exact trine with Pluto.

Pisces, Water sign of the mystic, the empathetic, the intangible, is hosting Neptune to whom we look for illumination, inspiration and transcendence, frequently to find distortion, disillusion and addiction.

Pisces sextiles (an aspect with elements of both ease and challenge) Capricorn by sign and Neptune and Pluto have been traveling in sextile since the early 20th century following their once in five hundred years conjunction in the 1890s. The sextile relationship in this cycle will continue until 2050.

And if you want to consider another one of the one of the myriad smaller solar systemic bodies that have come to human notice within the past several decades, there’s Eris in Aries closely squaring (challenging) the action in Capricorn.

It looks potently disruptive. Perhaps transformative is a more hopeful word.

And then in December this year Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius – that could be the beginning of something new.

There’s a lot more, of course – there always is!

If you want to discuss or would like to re-visit your chart with me. If you’ve read this far; for the moment I am offering pay-what-you-wish readings. Email me for details.

What is the collective noun…

… for a group of astrologers? A conjunction perhaps, a stellium?

I’ve lately returned from a week long course in northern Spain, run by Sue Tompkins. Sue’s splendid books, The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook and Aspects in Astrology, should be on any aspiring astrologer’s reading list. They are what inspired me to go.

The course was held at Torre de Dalt ( an old style villa about an hour and a half north of Barcelona, near the city of Girona, complete with pool, views, and a wide terrace with a long table at which the company took meals.

The first part of the week was loosely focussed on medical astrology with classes on sign and planetary rulership of body parts and organs, followed by chart analysis of case studies. In the second part of the week we looked more at general chart analysis and met with a client from the locale to whom we gave a reading.

The course and its content was fascinating and interestingly presented, but a lovely feature of the week was the very relaxed atmosphere. We were a range of types, a mix of professional and domestic backgrounds as you might expect in a gathering of a dozen and a half people, but united by serious interest in astrology. Wine and conversation flowed after the evening meal (delicious vegan cuisine supplied by Kim Farley, also an experienced exponent of the art astro). Over the week stories and personalities emerged easily. Everyone seemed available.

Maybe when a group unites temporarily in receptive study there can be a raising of the collective vibration? I don’t know. But to me the week was a graceful experience, notable in troubled times, of how human beings can be with each other.

Oh, and as my wife pointed out, I was the only guy on the course.

“Really?” I said, “I hadn’t noticed.” for mailing list and details of further events.

Rupert Murdoch & INK

At the moment I am pursuing my day job (I’m an actor, actually mostly at night. For more see my actor blog at I’m in a play called INK on Broadway. INK tells the story of Rupert Murdoch’s activities in London in the late 1960’s. Briefly; he purchased a failing broadsheet newspaper and turned it into the most popular tabloid in history. I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the astrology.

Here is a link to Rupert Murdoch’s natal chart. Below are the astrological footnotes with a keyword italicized and emboldened:

Rupert Murdoch

The chart indicates a person whose personal presentation is formal, traditional and responsible. Behind this formality lurks a visionary. This is someone with a vision which while original and unexpected in its manifestation, verges on the mythic, and it is a vision which will most probably change frequently in its details and locations. He has very good placements for finance. He has an unusual amount of power and charisma when it comes to relationships — not only in his intimate, personal ones, but also in business dealings, and certainly in situations of commercial challenge. Relationships are likely to be transformative, i.e. no-one is unchanged after close contact with him, and the chart indicates someone capable of a depth of feeling, caring and nurture in his dealings with other people, but also large potential for passive-aggressive manipulation, utter ruthlessness, deep suspicion, sudden withdrawals.

Rupert Murdoch is a born communicator. Mercury, Planet of communication, also ruling information exchange of all kinds, as well as trade, commerce and trickery, was in Pisces when he was born and conjunct his Sun. It is a noted feature that Mercury in Pisces, a mutable water sign — tends to have a fluid, movable, adaptable attitude to facts. There can be a shape-shifting relationship to truth.

Almost all of the other planets in the solar system connect very directly in geometric relationship with this Mercury/Sun conjunction at the base of Rupert Murdoch’s chart, giving him multiple and complex, sophisticated avenues of expression as the changing energies of the constantly moving planets in turn, activate, energize, enhance and stimulate his Mercury.

From an astrological point of view it is not a surprise to know that Rupert Murdoch inherited a media conglomerate from his father. It’s likely that his father’s death would have been especially significant and powerfully affecting to him, not only because of his inheritance, but because the moment of his father’s passing would have connected him in a very powerful way with his own sense of destiny.

On the day of publication of Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper, the 19th November 1969 (see link below), no fewer than five progressed planets straddling the signs of Aries (self-expression) and Taurus (tangible results) are present in his 5th house of creativity. At the same time, the 4th quadrant of his chart (the world at large) is stacked with seven planets by transit. Notably Pluto ruling disclosure and taboo, sits in the middle of Rupert’s 10th House of career. The transiting Sun and Mercury (communication) are conjunct with Neptune (glamour, illusion, story-telling) and Pluto aspects the Sun closely, as does Rupert’s natal Mars (drive, energy, anger), all of which connects with Rupert’s aforementioned communication destiny.

Rupert Murdoch tri-wheel

To say it without the astrological gobbledygook: the time was especially ripe for a taboo-breaking development in media, and Rupert was the man for the job.

This is the man who gave the world opinio-tainment calling it “news”.

And the world ate it up.

  • Responsible: Capricorn rising, Saturn in dignity in the 1st
  • Visionary: Sun in Pisces
  • Mythic: Uranus conjunct north node in Aries (a promethean hero’s journey)
  • Locations: Neptune in Virgo in the 9th
  • Finance: Venus in the 2nd, Mars in the 8th
  • Relationships/challenge/withdrawals: Jupiter conjunct Pulto in the 7th, widely conjunct Mars in the 8th, all in Cancer
  • Truth: Mercury in Pisces
  • Stimulate: The Mercury/Sun conjunction sextiles Saturn and Chiron, squares the Moon, squares Jupiter, trines the Pluto/Mars conjunction and is widely opposite Neptune.
  • Destiny: At his father’s death, the Sun by transit was conjunct Rupert’s south node, and transiting Mars conjunct his Moon.

Drama By Transit

“Life is never fair… and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.” Lord Goring in An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde

This week-end (today is Sunday February 3rd 2019) sees the Celtic festival of Imbolc, the beginning of the year. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that as a neo-pagan you get a second chance at all those resolutions.

Here is a new project which I’m calling Drama by Transit. Each month for the next year I’m taking a look at a significant piece of the astrology of the life and times of a prominent theatrical figure. I have chosen as a starting point the twice-in-a-millenium conjunction of Pluto and Neptune which sounds a cultural base note every time it happens. This mighty lineup of the Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of Illusion last occurred in the 1890s and, (would you agree?), ever since, there has been an ongoing explosive expansion in communication in all its forms; from use of language itself to all the many mediums of expression which have never been as widely available as they are today.

Below is the natal chart of Oscar Wilde. Take a look and see if you agree with my observations below… I have emboldened and italicized the astrology so you can skip it if you prefer.

Virgo ascends at 15 degrees, and Saturn in Gemini in the 10th is almost exactly square, within 12 minutes of arc. Mercury is the chart ruler. It’s no surprise then, to know of Oscar Wilde’s use of language. The witticisms of his plays exactly express Saturn in Gemini, the humor is frequently sardonic, and the verbal jousting his characters engage in is full of contradistinctions and fanciful analytics.

Mercury in Scorpio in the 3rd suggests an intensity and early facility with learning, the South node is here too, also in Scorpio, suggesting someone at home in the mental realm and with native talent for deeper understanding. Mars in Sagittarius in the 3rd lends vigor and playful expansiveness to an intellectual quest and Uranus in Taurus in the 9th opposite Mercury, while carrying a love of surprises and challenges made manifest on the physical plane, stimulates original expression.

Venus un-aspected in her dignity in Libra in the 2nd which she rules, also rules the 9th while Mars her erotic counterpart rules the 3rd, one can imagine this is someone who gained sensual pleasure from intellectual pursuit.

Straddling the 5th house cusp at 16 and 19 degrees respectively we find Chiron and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn. This conjunction is the apex of a yod with Saturn in the 10th sextile the Moon in the 11th. That Oscar Wilde’s point of greatest sensitivity should land almost exactly on his 5th house cusp indicates that his romantic activities would render him extremely vulnerable. The same Chiron/Jupiter conjunction is trine Uranus and forms a mini grand trine with Neptune in Pisces conjunct the descendant. We see here a flair for the unconventional, the extraordinarily sensitive and probably highly romanticized attitude to relationship, with a strong tendency to play either victim or redeemer. The Mercury Uranus opposition is the base line of a T-Square to the Moon in Leo in the 11th. This is someone who needs to be seen as a maverick, who needs to entertain, and must find a way to do it in a public forum.

I mention all this because: on 14th February (Valentime’s Day) 1895, the opening night of the original London production of The Importance of Being Earnest, the aforementioned conjunction of Pluto and Neptune was connecting significantly with Oscar Wilde’s personal chart. Pluto was at 9′ 48″ Gemini and Neptune at 13 ‘ 01″ These points are within a little over 1 degree, and just over 2 and a half degrees of his Midheaven and his Saturn respectively.

So on the opening night of The Importance – surely Oscar’s greatest masterpiece – Pluto, the great transformer was close to his point of highest aspiration, and Neptune who bestows glamour was sprinkling frivolous glitter on the Lord of Form (Saturn) in the arena of language (Gemini) precisely in Oscar Wilde’s 10th house of career and reputation.His success as a playwright (he’d already had three plays in the West End), was enormously enhanced and he was, for a brief time, the most celebrated dramatist of the English language.

What a difference a few months can make, and how a seemingly beneficent influence can turn. When Oscar Wilde’s trial for Gross indecency began in early May of that same year 1895, Pluto (ruling taboo and disclosure) was exactly conjunct his midheaven, and when sentence was passed a few weeks later Neptune (ruling illusion and disillusion) was then exactly conjunct his Saturn, both conjunctions to within less than one degree of arc.

Oscar Wilde’s fall from Grace finds echoes today. Homosexual orientation and practice is no longer forbidden in England or the English-speaking world, but at the time of writing Pluto (ruling upheaval and the rising to the light of hidden things) is at work in Capricorn (which  rules institutions generally: government, churches, banks …), and Neptune is in Pisces, where we find myth, storytelling and entertainment – consider the sudden fall of many celebrities and/or politicians who are suddenly made into burnt toast through accusation and disclosure.

Fast forward now 122 years (almost exactly half the orbital period of Pluto, and almost exactly one quarter of the Pluto/Neptune cycle…)

Below is a bi-wheel with Oscar’s chart as the inner circle, the outer circle shows the transits on January 31st 2017 when the British parliament singed into law a pardon for 50,000 homosexual men, among them Oscar Wilde.

The really significant transits are:

  1. The Pluto/Mercury conjunction sitting closely over Oscar’s Chiron/Jupiter and straddling the 5th House cusp.
  2. Neptune by transit has almost completed exactly one orbit of the Sun since Oscar’s birth year and is now closely conjunct his Descendant.


  1. Pluto the great transformer, Lord of death and rebirth, re-visits Oscar Wilde’s most sensitive, most wounded place, and through Mercury (who alone of the Gods may go to the underworld and return to the light) communicates his new status.
  2. The sacrificial adventure, which required Oscar to give his life, is completed. The orbit of Neptune closes the circle and Oscar’s relationship to the rest of us is restored as a master of language. One that challenged convention, but tasted life’s bitterest trials.

All of the above is a long way to wonder if Oscar Wilde, one of the greatest dramatic wordsmiths of all time, performed a singular service in his destiny. From our present perspective his treatment at law seems primitive at best, barbaric at worst, and highlights the long awaited restitution in law of generations of injustice.

Meanwhile, the mighty outer planets beam their influence to the Earth in ways unacknowledged by science. The same dramas occur in different guises and they lose no power to surprise us.

The astrology seems exact.



The Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. Season of friendship? Season of originality, of the novel and the inventive? What will the water-bearer bring?

I reckon there is an acceleration in the ongoing new awareness of the body of the solar system.

Well ok, maybe I reckon so because when I start googling stuff about the planets my head tends to explode…

When a new planet is discovered or when the human authorities alter the status of a known celestial body, as in Pluto from planet to dwarf planet, astrological thinking says it indicates a corresponding shift in human awareness.

Here is what looks to be a fascinating seminar on Ceres offered by MISPA. Ceres was named a planet (when it was first discovered in 1801), then an asteroid (in the 1850s), and just recently, a dwarf planet (according to the classification given by the IAU – international astronomical union – in 2006). So what might it mean in human affairs that Ceres is now on equal footing with Pluto? And is it significant that celestial bodies tend to be named via mythology? And how mysterious is the solar system anyway?

If, like me, you are looking for answers to these and other questions, this seminar might be somewhere to start.

First day of 2018

What are my predictions for 2018?

There are none.

This is not a prediction. It’s a forecast, the astro-weather will be what it will. What we do with it personally and collectively is up to us and will vary according to the complex of will, values, motivation, and more than anything – consciousness.

Interested in a bargain? Check out the Special. (for existing clients only).

Ok back to the astro:

Something unusual happened on the day of the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice in December 2017, the shortest day of the year. What happened was that Saturn moved into Capricorn (nothing unusual about that, it happens every 30 years or so), and the Sun also moved into Capricorn, (again, not unusual, a yearly occurrence).

What was unusual is that the Sun and Saturn were conjunct (in the same place in the sky as viewed from the Earth) at the potency of zero degrees in a new sign (when it’s all potential, as yet unknown), on the day when the balance of light and dark between the two hemispheres of our planet starts its twice yearly reversal.

How rare is that?


And in some way it will affect all of us.


What does all that astro-babble actually mean?

Saturn, as any astrologer will tell you, is the lord of time, form, death.

Also, boundary, restriction, delay and frustration, among many other things.

Sounds like fun, huh?

Ah yes, but can you make friends with Saturn, contract to cooperate with his powerful influence? If so, the promise and the possibility of his unique rewards: technique, application, discipline, and eventually… mastery in your chosen field… all that begins to open up.

And Capricorn?

Cardinal Earth. Leadership potential in the material world. Ability to initiate projects and plans in the realm of manifestation. Concerned with issues of money, health, tangible achievement.

And guess which planet rules Capricorn.

Right, Saturn!.

Saturn will move through Capricorn for the next three years, touching and crossing, then re-crossing the Capricorn/Aquarius boundary in 2020, finally exiting Capricorn at the end of that year.

Ok that’s enough astrology, except to say that, of course, each of the other planets, along with all the other signs of the zodiac and how they move and aspect your personal set-up, all of that obviously continues.

So here are my hunches: – if you want the astrology behind these thoughts (not everybody does) there are notes at the end of the post.

On a personal level:

It’s a great time to get real about what you want, particularly these next two months Jan/Feb 2018 which kick-start the year energetically.

It’s also a great time to ditch any lingering, residual, anger, resentment, envy and all that stuff, and as these next 30 months go by there may be an impulse to serious psycho-therapeutic work.

Careful review, and ongoing attention to detail will pay double dividends in the planing and the execution of any project.

On a social level:

The markets crashed or reversed in 1929, 1958, 1987, … and in 2018 … who knows, but it sure looks possible (NB: this is not a prediction. Do not make any financial decisions based on what you read here!!!)

The tension between the hyper libido-liberation of the late 1960s and the ongoing secret sexual abuses of power through all of recorded history, is being lanced. Rage and revenge will gather, disclosures at all levels will continue, eventually a new paradigm may emerge.

We will see incredible technical innovations, very possibly especially in robotics, the march of tech-science will accelerate and there will be greater awareness of environmental issues. Clean energy is available.

At a national/international level:

The governments of the USA and elsewhere will continue to strive for control of the public mind. Attacks on, and restrictions of, the media will continue.

Legislation will have unintended consequences. This will be a natural result of the fact that legislators have a known tendency to leave legislation unread before they vote on it.

In many ways governments are now puppet proxies of the corporate-ocracy which rules large operations. Many of these larger bodies are slow to catch on, therefore the damaging excavations in tar-sands, fracking and good old coal-mining will continue… however it is very possible in the next few years that sudden transformations will come onto the international scene.

And here is the astro


All the planets are direct for the first few months of 2018 – a lot of energy.

Saturn will stimulate isolation, fear, loneliness and all the attendant anxieties, as Saturn makes its slow approach to its conjunction with Pluto (January 2020), the great excavator,  all this can be examined, worked through, transformed.

Saturn is the scrutinizer. In Capricorn this is very practical.


When Saturn hits Capricorn bubbles have a tendency to burst.

Jupiter is in Scorpio, an expansive impulse to get to what’s really going on. Plus Pluto discloses, Saturn disposes. These mighty energies are active. And shall we talk about Eris?

This is Uranus moving into Taurus in may 2018. He dances backwards for a few months, but then gets back into earthy Taurus and will transit there for 7 years, he will also aspect our friends in Capricorn. If you have planets in Virgo, pay attention, this could be the big opportunity!



Saturn/Pluto again. broadly speaking upcoming transits will oppose the midpoint between the natal USA Sun/Mercury.

The recent tax legislation is a case in point, there was a conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Saturn in the USA 1st House of identity. A plutocrats dream.

Well huge amounts of money (Venus) are tied into corporate structures (Saturn) and excavation (Pluto) on natural resources with zero attention to replenishment (natal Pluto in the USA 2nd House).


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A Twofer

The focus of this blog since July 2016 has been, month on month, astrological correspondences in the tarot cards mostly focussing on the minor arcana. 

This post is longer than usual. You may want to make a cup of tea before reading it.

This month’s, these two months’ (Gemini), two book reviews are here.

I missed the Taurus season post (Jupiter retrograde may have had something to do with it), so in true Gemini fashion am now making up for it with a ‘twofer’, that is a two-for-one. One value here is to re-visit this sequence:

Saturn…Jupiter… Mars… The Sun… Venus… Mercury… The Moon.

These are the seven planets of the ancient world, and they are listed above in order of their orbital periods, from the outermost planet visible with the naked eye, Saturn, taking approximately 29 years to complete its spiral journey around our star, The Sun…

…Thru Jupiter, 12 years. Mars, 22 months, The Sun, 1 year (from our earthly perspective – of course nowadays everybody knows that the Earth orbits The Sun, but it still looks the other way about!), Venus, 8 months, Mercury, 3 months, The Moon, 1 month (The Moon orbiting the Earth, of course.) NB: values are approximate.

So, in this post I am looking at the 5, 6, 7 of Pentacles and the 8, 9, 10 of Swords. We begin with the 5 of Pentacles, Mercury in Taurus, and the sequence continues with The Moon in Taurus  corresponding to the 6 of Pentacles … are you following? Do you see what the next planet will be?

The sequence starts again with Saturn. So the 7 of Pentacles expresses Saturn in Taurus.

But with the 8 we change suit (pentacles to swords. Earth to Air), and we change sign, fixed earth (Taurus) to mutable air (Gemini), although the planetary sequence continues…

We have two intersecting sequences to cope with; the nine cards 2 thru 10, and the 7 planets.

The Aces, the Court cards, and the Majors have their own assignations.

What I’m getting at, is that once you have the hang of how the 7 planets repeat around the circle of the zodiac, and once you see that there are 3 Minor Arcana cards assigned to each sign, you can marry the two sequences and therefore it will be obvious that next month’s post will begin with the Two of Cups, and the correspondence will be Venus in Cancer, and that therefore that card’s esoteric title, “The Lord of Love” makes perfect sense!

Here is the post below:

5 of Pentacles. Mercury in Taurus. Bear in mind that Mercury (a.k.a. Hermes and many other names) is the trickster God. God of thieves, also. But above all the compactor of the symbolic solar system, alone of the Gods able to move into the underworld and back. Taurus is an earth sign in fixed mode, values here are likely to be; security, solvency, safety. The swift energy of Mercury may disrupt, bring sudden change or alteration.

6 of Pentacles. The Moon in Taurus. The Moon waxes and wanes, rules our emotions and our instincts, moves water around the world and fluid around the body, also speaks to nourishment and to need. In the Rider Waite, the image shows a supplicant, a receiver and a donation – with which figure do you identify? The card of getting what you wish for, or the card of making it happen?

7 of Pentacles. Saturn in Taurus. (You see how we start the sequence again?) Saturn rules. Literally. What are the rules in this situation? The title of this card is; The Lord of Dissatisfied Work. Here Saturn invites/insists that you take another look. Is the work complete to the highest level of your skill? It may be… or, it may be that you need to do another (yet another) draft. Go over the details one more time. Saturn doesn’t let you off the hook.

8 of Swords. Jupiter in Gemini. Mighty Jupiter, (a.k.a. Zeus and by many other names) expands everything he touches. In Gemini, the sign of being interested in multiple ways (Oh, look! That’s shinny!) focus could be a problem. Rushing here and there interested and enthused about everything, everybody and every project – maybe look back and stable Taurus to ground your inspiration and give it form.

9 of Swords. Mars in Gemini. The image here is not encouraging, but consider the Martial energy. It can be expressed at a low level in a drunken brawl, in inarticulate rage, in wordless fury, or, this same energy can be used to; achieve mastery in martial arts, sophistication in forceful debate, precision in enquiry. To lend one’s personal power to conflicting directions, or to be torn by opposite desires can lead to the condition described in the card’s title, The Lord of Despair.

10 of Swords. The Sun in Gemini. It doesn’t look good, does it? The Sun in Gemini, but the image (in this deck) showing the approaching darkness of the setting sun, (or is it the light of the approaching dawn?) and the finality of a slain figure. All beginnings must have an end that precedes them. All birth and re-birth must also glance at death in some way. What ending is occurring or needs to be acknowledged?

This whole thing about how the card and the planet link in a logical sequence was very confusing to me, until I suddenly “got it” and that happened in one swift intuitive flash – honestly it did. If you struggle with this and would like to understand it better, feel free to reach out in an email and we can set up a time to go over it on a pay-what-you-wish basis!

As Viewed From Celestial North

It’s just past the equinox (Spring in the northern hemisphere, Autumn in the southern). It’s interesting to be in Australia at this time of near equal day and night. Here in Sydney the sunlight is bright, sometimes harsh, and can bleach the colors in the landscape, but there is a hint in the mornings of the winter chill to come. The twilights are brief here which is to do with the latitude. I mention all this because I am presently grappling with solar systemic geometry and have reviewed a useful book on the subject here.

In any case, if you haven’t been to Australia yet, it’s closer than you think!

Western astrology is northern hemisphere based. Astrological charts give a snapshot of the heavens viewed from celestial north. Once you blend the horizon, equator and elliptical systems the diagrams and projections of the Earth’s motion in space and relationship to the Sun and the sky in general, quickly become complex and begin to resemble one of these balls made of elastic bands.

Lucky us, I say. To live in a system held in balance by mighty forces which if they were to vary in the smallest degree would finish the human experiment.

Oh, and Tarotscopes here, my cast for Libra here


And so to Mars in Aries, which corresponds with the Two of Wands. Mars, you remember, completes the wheel of the year with the Ten of Cups. Mars begins the cycle again with all his thrust and charge in the young and fiery Spring energy of Aries. If you want to get something done, connect here. This card has the esoteric title, Lord of Dominion.

“… my thrice-puissant liege is in the very May morn of his youth, ready for mighty exploits and enterprises.


The Lord of Established Strength is the Three of Wands and gives us the Sun in Aries. May solar force shine brightly on all your works, bringing illumination, insight and bright blessing. Sunlight, source of all life, vivifying, nourishing, quickening.

“… Yet herein will I imitate the Sun who doth permit the base contagious clouds to smother up his beauty from the world, that when he please again to be himself, being more wished for he may be more wondered at”


With the Four of Wands Venus makes an appearance in Aries. She is not naturally comfortable here, but brings her abundance and her grace into this realm. Hey, Aries! Take a little time to smell the flowers, this is The Lord of Perfected Work.

“… From womens’ eyes this doctrine I derive, they are the books, the arts, the academes, that show, contain, and nourish all the world.”


Quotes from Shakespeare.