What is Happening?!?

It’s been a while since I posted here. The truth is, I’ve been busy with my day job as an actor, working almost continually for the past couple of years, quite a bit of it on Broadway which is where I was when they closed us down about two weeks ago.

Acting aside, a few people have asked me about the astrology of the pandemic. So here at this renamed site, are some thoughts.

Way back in the 1980s I came across a slim volume called Future Tense, it’s out of print now but it was a compilation of predictions and projections from all kinds of future-gazers: from out-and-out psychics, thru astrologers, to industrial psychologists and more…

Quite a bit of what was predicted has come to pass. Striking then was the consensus that America would move a very long way to the right. There was also a commercial-market-industrial crisis of some kind somewhere in the 2008 – 2010 range predicted, and it was said more than once that if the prevailing culture as a whole did not take the opportunity to learn what adjustments were needed (and it was unlikely that it would), then there would be an even more severe crisis at some time after 2016.

My view (but then my politics are green-of-centre) is that the crisis is an environmental one. The way we live has become ever-increasingly more toxic. It’s said that if you drink tap water in Florida (a place I have frequently visited for work) you are likely ingesting your neighbor’s medications.

Certain kinds of plastic leech estrogen-mimic hormones into water and the environment generally. We are poisoning the earth, the water, the air. All of us know it and most of us are powerless to stop it.

Concerned people, from Sir David Attenborough in his nineties to Greta Thunberg in her teens, have been trying to get meaningful government action. Often met with indifference, and when as in Greta’s case there is notice, awards, media attention; the fury, the scorn and the aggression of the ignorant follows.

In science fiction writings authors as diverse as Arthur C. Clarke and Doris Lessing have written stories that support the Gaia hypothesis as proposed by scientist Sir James Lovelock, the idea that the planet itself is a living organism with its own mighty intelligence.

Is it possible then, however heretical it may be to orthodox science, to imagine the solar system as an organized whole, operating in time scales of unimaginable vastness, but  a living being among whose parts each depends upon the others?

If it were so what would it mean when the only place in the entire system which appears to support sentient life were to become toxic?

We are living in the culmination of several astronomical/astrological cycles from the 20 year Jupiter/Saturn one to the two and half century one of Pluto’s orbit, and other larger cycles too.

There is a powerful conjunction of planets up there, and if planetary influence is falling to the Earth as astrology says it is, then the line-up of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars should easily be powerful enough to re-arrange things here on the planet where we live.

Although a global pandemic has been frequently predicted by journalists, scientists, environmentalists and movies, few astrologers (none that I’m aware of) made a specific prediction about this virus. Many astrologers did foresee massive change and disruption, possibly also enormous opportunity, approaching since 2008, apexing in the year 2020, probably continuing for some years.

So here are some of the astrological elements at play here:

The recent and ongoing line up of planets in Capricorn is worth looking at.

On January 12th 2020 Saturn made and exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, this 35 year cycle had not happened in the Earth sign of Capricorn since the year 1518.

Take a look at the chart here: Aspect with Asteroids

Other planets adding their potency in the same sign at that time were: The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter. The planetoid Ceres (the one with the glyph that looks like a question mark) is also conjunct Saturn/Pluto within a few minutes of arc. This celestial pattern persisted for five days until the 17th January when Mercury left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. But then, a month later, Mars completed its transit of Sagittarius and entered Capricorn also.

Capricorn: sign of structure, achievement, responsibility. Manifesting at a collective level as  governance, institution, tradition.

Pluto: Lord of the Underworld, death, rebirth, transformation, trauma, volcanic upheaval.

Saturn: restriction, contraction, fear.

Mercury: messenger of the Gods, the mind, communication.

Jupiter: expansion of everything it touches.

Ceres: Goddess of the harvest, the fierce mother, environmental awareness.

Mars: energy, desire, anger.

That small selection of keywords scarcely begins to define each planet’s potential effects, but you can see that Saturn/Pluto is a formidable combination of powers. While in recent years there have been frequent and ongoing disclosures of secret wrongdoing (a Pluto effect) in government, in institutions and by individuals with status and profile (Saturnine characteristics); at the same time governments (Capricorn) have tried relentlessly to control more and more areas of common life (Saturn).

And currently, expansive Jupiter is enlarging this combination and for the past six weeks Mars (the God of War) has been adding his energy as he has touched each of the more distant planets in the mix.

There’s more.

Taurus, Earth sign of comfort, security, pleasure, is now hosting Uranus about which we know only that we can expect the unexpected.

Taurus trines (a flowing aspect ) Capricorn by sign and in the next few years Uranus will come within five degrees of an exact trine with Pluto.

Pisces, Water sign of the mystic, the empathetic, the intangible, is hosting Neptune to whom we look for illumination, inspiration and transcendence, frequently to find distortion, disillusion and addiction.

Pisces sextiles (an aspect with elements of both ease and challenge) Capricorn by sign and Neptune and Pluto have been traveling in sextile since the early 20th century following their once in five hundred years conjunction in the 1890s. The sextile relationship in this cycle will continue until 2050.

And if you want to consider another one of the one of the myriad smaller solar systemic bodies that have come to human notice within the past several decades, there’s Eris in Aries closely squaring (challenging) the action in Capricorn.

It looks potently disruptive. Perhaps transformative is a more hopeful word.

And then in December this year Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius – that could be the beginning of something new.

There’s a lot more, of course – there always is!

If you want to discuss or would like to re-visit your chart with me. If you’ve read this far; for the moment I am offering pay-what-you-wish readings. Email me for details. Colin@galacticfragment.com

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  1. What a writer you are Colin!
    I think I might want a reading next month—have a course I’m just beginning and want to wait to see what might emerge! Hope you and M’Lady Trish are thriving in our “brave new world”❤️❤️☘️‍♂️Annie

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