Star Practitioner Solstice December 2020

Faye Blake


The Astrology Podcast: Extensive archive of discussion with practitioners from all over the map. Excellent resource. Average length 2 hours.


The Mountain Astrologer: Industry leader. Articles, interviews, forecasts.


Each of these user-friendly sites offers free chart casting along with many other services.


Maren Altman:  Astonishingly energetic and productive astropreneur. Witchy East Village NYC vibe. Hyper-smart, super-astro-fluent. Fun and flirty.


The Faculty of Astrological Studies

Established in 1948, The Faculty offers in-depth learning both online and distance, as well as real-world classes and a summer school. The Faculty offers a flexible in-your-own-time opportunity for ongoing study. I study here.  Enormous archive of material with special focus on Horary Astrology. Created by Deborah Houlding, largely based on the work of William Lily. Huge specialist resource. I did the Horary course.

MISPA – The Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology.

MISPA offers affordable instruction in the basics with its online foundation course. For those wishing to combine astrology with psychotherapeutic work there is a further two year diploma course. There is a range of seminars which can be attended live or rented after the event. I did the foundation course. Excellent.