Tarot Telesummit

The Tarot Telesummit is an amazing resource. Twenty experienced tarot professionals each giving a seminar on some aspect of the cards and how to work with them.

But wait! There’s more!

Yesterday I did a talk on the astrological correspondences in tarot. There’s a system that is basically very simple. Click to get the free re-play today (August 2nd 2016) only – after today there is a charge.



7 thoughts on “Tarot Telesummit

  1. It was a brilliant talk, Colin! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been interested in astrology since forever and got my first Tarot pack when I was 21. Been hooked ever since 🙂
    I’m in the process of finding the confidence to start up as a professional reader after all these years, so the telesummit has been very inspiring so far.
    I would very much like to know more about the correspondences and the history behind it all. You mentioned a handout that explained some of the details and books you had read etc. but I can’t find the link on your site.
    Love the Shakespeare connection too! Your talk inspired me to go and read his plays and sonnets again.
    Thank you, Colin
    Deni (from the UK)

  2. Great telesummit! The Shakespeare was not only a wonderful surprise but also an ‘Aha!’ moment. Thank you for opening that door.

    I’ve sent an email for information mentioned about the astrological correspondences as well as further reading suggestions.

    Thank you again,

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