From each … to each …

6puThe six of coins relates to The Moon in Taurus. The actual moon passes through each sign in about two and a half days, completing a round of all twelve each and every month with drumbeat regularity. With the six of coins the Moon rules the first ten days of May.

I’ve found this an unsettling card. I mean, ask yourself, with which figure in the picture do you identify? The one dispensing, the one receiving, the one supplicating? Could go either way, right?

There’s a Mullah Nasruddin story that resonates here:

One day the Mullah was walking along the street when he was approached by a beggar.

“Oh please,” said the beggar, “help me.”

“Well,” responded the Mullah, “What kind of man are you?”

“Truthfully,” said the beggar, “I like to sit in the coffee house all day and smoke a hookah. I’m not very keen on working.”

With no further discussion the Mullah gives the beggar three coins.

A little while later, a second beggar approaches the Mullah. “Please, Mullah,” says he, “give me some assistance.”

“Tell me about yourself,” says the Mullah.

“I’m very devout,” the second beggar says, “I like to read the scriptures. I go frequently to the mosque to pray. I can subsist on very little food.”

Without hesitation the Mullah hands the second beggar a single coin.

“What!?” exclaims this second beggar, “You gave that scoundrel who sits about all day gossiping in the coffee house doing no  work, three coins, and me who is a holy man only one. Why is that?”

The Mullah says, “his needs are greater than yours.”

The six of coins. The ultimate get what you wish for card.

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