How was your weekend?

I went to an event called the Readers Studio and it was (as we say in England), brilliant!

What is the collective noun for about 200 Tarot enthusiasts? A prediction”, maybe?

I include a link to the Tarot School site where details can be found of what they do. It was three days (four if you went to the psychology & tarot day) of inspired presentation, practical work with the cards, and meeting extraordinary people, and all occurring conveniently across the road from the La Guardia airport.

Attendees included (but were not limited to, in alphabetical order), British, Chinese, Icelandic, Italian, Indian, Russian, and of course a diverse squadron of Yanks (a Brit-word for American) of many ethnicities. All this diverse sample of humanity united in a quest to deepen understanding, and ranging from first time people, like me, to prolific authors and teachers well-known in the scene. For example, a gentleman passed by the table where I was and took a seat. His name tag said Stuart Kaplan, and I thought, “That’s not Stuart Kaplan as in the Stuart Kaplan?!? – the bloke who published the Rider Waite?” But it was …


It’s kind of hard to describe the magical vibe, so I won’t try. But I will say that I got my first tarot deck aged 19, and I learnt more this past weekend, than since I was that distant young man 39 years ago.

Big personal thanks to all involved, and especially to Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone.


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