Steps backward, steps forward

five-of-pentaclesThe five of Pentacles is Mercury in Taurus. Corresponding to the last ten days of April. It’s a swift transit, Mercury is the sprinter among the planets taking just 88 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

So Mercury doesn’t stay long in each sign. And maybe that’s ok with this challenging image of the Mercury in Taurus image.

But when the planet goes retrograde, the sign has a longer visit.

Today is April 25th 2016, and in four days the planet Mercury will begin some apparent backwards motion in the sky, going direct again on the 22nd of May 2016. It’s one of three times a year that Mercury does this.

Which means that this year Mercury will linger in the sign of the bull.

The coming retrograde is a great time to check up on details in all departments. Catch up on the filing, emails should be written with extra care, listen carefully when on the phone and keep an eye on the postal service!


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