What Would We Do Without Virgo?

Well without Virgo in the world, no one would know where anything is. Who would do the filing, the tidying, who would notice that things are not quite as they should be? And who would fix it? Getting it done, well done.

I’m interrupting this post with a special. Brevity is the trademark here, but I’ve just been to Oxford in England for an (amazing) astrological summer school and there’s a (brief) account of it on a hidden page, here



Back to Virgo, of all signs the most analytic. There he is, The Hermit. The major arcana card ascribed (by members of the Golden Dawn) to Virgo. What is his wisdom?

For today, let’s say he’s talking about how smart it is to get things in order!




The eight of pentacles, the Sun in Virgo.  Skill, craftsmanship. Knowing how to do a thing, and doing it!





The nine of pentacles, Venus in Virgo, well-ordered abundance.

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The ten of pentacles, Mercury in Virgo, the possibility of the fulfillment  of the mysterious perhaps, as suggested by the placement of the pentacles in this card? But only once there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

6 thoughts on “What Would We Do Without Virgo?

  1. As a Scorpio with no grounding earth signs in my chart, I once frowned upon Virgo’s officious obsession with tidying. Now, I’d welcome some “well-ordered abundance!”

    1. LOL!!! Maybe deploy the wisdom of The Fool? As he steps forward the earth rises to meet his feet. … Just a thought!

  2. As a Scorpio with a Virgo moon conjunct Jupiter,I love order!!My husband is a Pisces with a Pisces moon,who I adore.But,he misplace ‘s everything he owns.He will say to me ,”where is such and such”.And I always have the same answer.”Where it belongs”lol.Good thing we love each other.

    1. As a Sagittarius Sun, married to a double Virgo, I empathize with you both. Yes, agree, love is the only way when working with polarities!

  3. So spot on! My most recent love is a Virgo and yup, everything needed to be in its place before he could do anything, lol. Which is usually why nothing happened! 😉

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