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But What Does It Do?

The Page of Swords is one who likes to question, to gather information: … Here we continue the occasional ongoing conversation …


So … these readings …

Yes …?

How do they work?

Both these methods are an intuitive lens which can focus inquiry, and gain insight that empowers you.

But what can you do specifically with tarot and astrology?

Stimulate thought, elevate feeling, refine choices …

Sounds okay. But can you give me answers?

Sure. Like what is one plus one?

No, like who should I vote for?

Well, … we could talk about that if you like.

But you can’t tell me what to do?

The reading is more about connecting you with your own wisdom.

So you can’t tell me if I should marry John or Joan, or Tom, Harry or Dick?

You mean can I answer the questions only you can answer …?


Not so much.

Then why would I come to you?

Again …

A User-friendly Guide. Volume 1. Number 1. Page 1.

A Page of Swords type called me on the phone the other day, seeking information. The conversation went a bit like this:



I’m thinking of booking a consultation with you but I want to ask some questions first. Okay?

Sure … go ahead.

Can Tarot foretell the future?

It can, in the sense that with yes or no questions it has a precisely 50% chance of being correct.

Can Astrology foretell the future?

It can, in the sense that anyone who can read an ephemeris can predict with pinpoint accuracy where any planet will be anytime over the next many several years.

So, if neither of these methods can give me the winning numbers, what use are they?

Good question.

Are you saying that Tarot and Astrology do not tell fortunes?

I admit nothing.

Well what do they do?

They raise awareness.

Oh. Like mind-altering substances?

Not exactly.

Well what then?

Okay, since you ask, both methods are sophisticated psycho-intuitive lenses that can penetrate below the surfaces of life. One can gain information about personal process, personal struggle and personal opportunity. This can greatly assist in the understanding of one’s strengths and vulnerabilities, and what creative responses are possible to the life-challenges that all of us face at times.

Isn’t that just New-Age psycho-babble?

Maybe … Maybe it’s better than that.

So, let me get this clear, you’re not a fortune teller?

No, you’d need a licensed professional for that … All this, in accordance with the law, is for entertainment purposes only.

Then why should I come and see you?

We’ll have fun.

Is that enough of a reason?

You tell me.

Oh, and by the way, is the Psychic Fayre still happening next week?

No. It was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.