All the tarot you can eat!

It’s been a long radio silence from me and here’s why:

My day job as an actor suddenly made me very busy. I was in a fantastic Irish play off-Broadway in New York and on my days off I was recording Australian crime fiction (I am half Australian and some of my people moved there from Ireland back in the 1900s). And I am pleased to tell you that I’ll be doing more theatre stuff come September.

Me and my friend Mystic Bear

But the month of August re-opens for tarot and astrology. And …

That is a link to one of the most info-expert-packed tarot events that I know of. Everyone from the (Amazing) Amberstones of the Tarot School and the Reader’s Studio and on from there.

It’s a free event and there is more tarot expertise per minute than you could find since the esotericists of the Golden Dawn commissioned Pamela Coleman-Smith!

My contribution will focus on Astro-Tarot. What are the correspondences between these two methods? And how can we use them to enhance our readings?

That link again:

Oh and by the way, I’m sure you’ve been receiving emails from everyone who sends them asking if you still want to be included in their messages. If you no longer need to hear from me please reply with “unsubscribe”. But if you’re happy to stay in touch no action required! Happy solstice!

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