Respect for Air

swords14The King of Swords knows air. Air is breath. Magical air is mind. Clean air; clear thinking.

I was in the last foul ‘pea-soup’ fog in London, in 1963. It was thick dark yellowish toxic brown. It took life.

Several British monarchs grappled with the effects of burning coal in London, beginning with King Edward I, 14th century, right through to several governments under Queen Elizabeth II, 20th/21st century.

After almost 700 years of frequent, deadly, poisoned air, the answer became apparent.

Guess what it was: if your answer is correct, you win a buy-one-get-one-free consultation. Contact for details.

Here’s a clue: when they stopped burning a certain substance, pretty soon people could breathe again.

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  1. Colin, I have not forgotten our ‘skype’ date…
    a hicup or three have caused delays and put me back a week in our rehearsals..
    Maybe easier if we make the reading after opening (April 9th)… I’ll be able to
    concentrate just on our session…
    Meanwhile enjoying the blogs…
    All best wishes,
    Steven Ray

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