Terms of Service

  1. In line with standard professional practice all readings are confidential, except in exceptional circumstance of legal jeopardy or should issues of personal safety to either the client or a third party arise.
  2. GalacticFragment will not share your personal information with any third party.
  3. By using GalacticFragment services you acknowledge that Colin McPhillamy is not a lawyer, psychologist, health care or other qualified professional and does not give advice in these areas of expertise. If you seek guidance in these or other areas of concern, please go to a qualified, licensed professional.
  4. Colin McPhillamy reserves the right to refuse service.
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  6. Any action you chose to take based on a reading or on session content is a matter of personal responsibility. You expressly agree to hold Colin McPhillamy harmless in any dispute arising from any action you take based on session content.
  7. In some jurisdictions, astrologers and tarot readers are required to disclose that readings in tarot and astrology are for entertainment purposes only. You are hereby informed that is the basis for all services available through this site.


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