Stars in the Cards

This page relates specifically to the seminar I gave on ‘The Stars in the Cards’ dealing with the astrological correspondences in the Tarot.

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Below is a list of books which I have found especially helpful in this research.


Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art – Martin Lings. Excellent exposition on the inner meaning of Shakespeare. Not directly astrological.

Shakespeare and the Stars – Priscilla Costello. A deep examination of astrological references in the Shakespearean cannon.

The Yugas – Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz. Outside the brief of Tropical Astrology, but fascinating and deeply optimistic. Written by followers of Yoganandya.

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yoganandya. Just a beautiful book on the spiritual quest.

The Mystical Origins of Tarot – Paul Huson. A scholarly work on the history of tarot with some other cartomantic material.

Do You Love Me – John Green. Looking at relationships from an astrological perspective. He defines Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as ‘Neptunian’ – Having been in that play five times, I can tell you. He’s right.

Theory of Celestial Influence – Rodney Collin Smith. A closely reasoned highly intelligent, still esoteric discourse on the higher influences. A book for those with some familiarity with ideas of the cosmos.

A New Model of the Universe – P D Ouspenksy. This man was a great independent thinker and this is one of his major works. His explanation of the dimensions of time stands alone.

The Sirens of Titan & Slaughterhouse 5 – Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Following on from Ouspenksy’s insights (I have no idea if Vonnegut ever read Ouspensky), similar ideas on time, dimensions, and human folly appear in novel form. Highly amusing.

Tarot of Color – only online – Leisa ReFalo. A brilliant resource for those interested in tarot correspondences.

Tarot and Astrology – Corrine Kenner

I’ve saved the most specifically useful till last. This book is an extraordinarily clear and well presented explanation of the astro/tarot correspondences. Very useful for anyone wanting to get a handle on this fascinating subject. Clear and accessible. Highly recommended!

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Again, If you wish to take advantage of the special $99 offer. Email me directly. or I will need your birth stats: Date and location, time if you know it. And your contact email and/or phone number.