Consultations are offered in tarot and astrology

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and is supported by a vast body of knowledge, science, art, myth, intuition and skill. In recent times psychological insight has greatly enriched our modern understanding of this ancient system.

Tarot as we know it, has been around for six hundred years or so. The symbolism of the cards has connections and correspondences in art, storytelling and magic. It is a gateway to psycho-intuitive insight.

Both methods can explain and illuminate much in one’s character, life circumstances and potential. The best use of them is to enhance awareness and empower the choices we all face.

Initial sessions $150

Initial sessions are customized and last approximately 80 to 90 minutes. A recorded summary is sent as a follow-up.

We explore your natal chart interactively, then we look at the progressed chart and current transits. When we spread the tarot cards we look for astrological correspondences.

Follow-up sessions $100

From time to time I offer special deals and discounts, and in general I follow the practice of the great 17th century British astrologer, William Lilly. I.e. no-one who has a serious interest will be refused service because of price! Subscribe to my blog to receive details.

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