RS Follow up

So … it was really lovely to meet you at the RS. Hang on, this is a blanket email, do I really mean that it was lovely to meet everyone?

And the answer to that question is … Absolutely!

And I reckon it’s because for a while the level of the vibes goes way up and we’re in a space where all that pop-spirit stuff about everyone having the spark of the divine in them turns out to be true.

So again, lovely to meet you!

Please excuse the round robin nature of this email and it may even be that we didn’t actually meet and I just picked up your card, in which case, please excuse me (again) and let me explain.

I’m new on the scene and even though the stars and the cards have been part of my life for quite a while, I only began reading professionally in February of this year.

I put up a website and began reading for anyone who would stand still for long enough and there’s a bit of background in my own story here at my astro-tarot blog … and there’s part of the reason why I did it here at my actor-blog.

Here’s what I intend and why specifically I’m writing to you now:

Over the next year I want to develop and include a resources/news page on my site, probably to be published quarterly and I really want to network with other people offering tarot and astrological services.

I’m also on track to be producing and appearing in a public access TV program on Tarot and Astrology out of Westchester, so will be looking to interview guests from the greater New York area and beyond if we can get a viable communication link set up.

If any of the above sound like it might be interesting, please let me know.

I will send out one more blanket email like this when things are in place, which may not be till September, and along the way I will be contacting you individually – of course that will be a longer process, so it may be quite a few months before you hear from me directly.

If (for whatever reason) you’d rather not be bothered with this, then simply reply with NO in the subject line, or you-must-be-out-of-your-tiny-British-mind, or any graceful way you’d like to be removed from the mailing list. We all get too much email, so I will certainly understand!

Love, light & blessings

Oh and here’s my take on the RS event,


PS Oh and feel free to follow the blogs if you like. Actor one about once a month, tarot/astro about twice a week ..

PPS And wasn’t it awesome (US), brilliant (UK)?!

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