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Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.



What a fantastic gift!  And clearly you have a gift with your understanding of celestial influences in partnership with such a rich library of contextual material to set it in. I feel refreshed!  Your gentle, insightful approach as guide and interpreter is masterful and much appreciated.  Many, many thanks.


Colin’s read was a delight; both informative and poetic. Absolutely thorough, he covered corners of the chart I knew and offered detailed explanations of those I hadn’t considered. And as I was listening to a recording and not guiding him with any affirmation or denial, it was brilliantly intuitive. Very much in line with themes of other work I’ve been doing, Jungian, somatic, etc. I appreciated his reminder that the chart was full of “potentialites” not certainties. It was a delight to listen to on a long evening walk, and a reading I’ll return to again and again.



Our delightful time together began with an intricate reading of my natal chart, peppered with rich and vivid context. As an astrological novice, I appreciated Colin’s generosity and uncanny ability to distill his deep understanding into potent, bite-sized nuggets. As we explored the potential of my current experience from various aspects, his insights were keen, candid and thorough. Our session unfolded in the spirit of curiosity and fascination, guided by Colin’s passion and expertise. In short, it was a joyful ride in stellar, seasoned company.



The  time and attention you provided within my astrological reading was above and beyond. The level of detail and care that was afforded me was overly generous. The reading was profoundly accurate and the insights into what lies ahead have provided potential guardrails for the many twists and turns I’ll likely be approaching.


I can’t thank you enough for your time and attention that you gave to my reading. It was beautiful thank you so much.



Dear Colin I wish you to know, I could never assign a monetary value to your reading last night. Everything you said, and didn’t say, shall reverberate through the halls of my psyche for a long time to come. Thank you very much. Christine


Colin is a highly gifted individual who integrates astrology and tarot to bring profound insight and understanding to his clients. He is very personable and you will feel instantly at ease with him as he brings great positivity, humour, and wisdom to his readings. Colin has the innate ability to illustrate where you came from, where you are, and where you are going by tapping into the science of your potential. He will help you harness this powerful energy and guide you on your journey.


I enthusiastically recommend Colin for an astrological consultation. He is professional, patient, insightful and clearly a gifted astrologer. I am at a point in my life where I need some help seeing things clearly as it relates to my life’s path, finances, family and love. Colin was able to help validate a lot of my hunches, and help guide me to positive practices that support me based on my chart. It was awesome. 


My astrotarot reading with Colin was expert, informative, and compassionate. I am no stranger to either astrology or tarot. I have studied both for years. Colin gave me fresh insights into my chart, and brought up things I had never noticed before. He is an astrologer and a Tarot reader for anyone, no matter how expert or inexperienced. Our discussion during my Tarot reading, in fact during both readings, taught me some new things. It also validated what I already knew from my own experiences, which is invaluable to me. Thank you, Colin!   


I just had the most amazing Astrology plus Tarot reading from Colin McPhillamy. I’ve had many astrology readings through the years, and I thought there was nothing new I could learn from my natal chart. But Colin surprised me with new insights that were powerful and truly helpful!Thank you again, Colin!


Wow!~ Just had an amazing reading with Colin via Skype… Insightful, fascinating, Colin clearly explains how the potentially foreign language of the astrologer translates to meaning for the layman and his life experience. Highly recommend Colin’s expertise and his gentle, wise and thoughtful delivery of how your chart reflects a lifetime to date. Also enjoyed and appreciated being able to ask specific questions for the tarot reading. Colin shared unexpected personal revelations that are more meaningful and potentially life-changing than I would have expected!~


Colin is simply the best astrologer I have ever consulted on astrology – the tarot card pairing he offers only adds more value. Be ready for a transformative experience with a gifted, learned, and generous practitioner.


Colin McPhillamy has in-depth knowledge of astrology/tarot as well as great perspective & humor and a great gift for the work.  he prepared both a natal & progressive chart for me, and then laid out some very trenchant tarot cards in our remaining time.  I thank him for a rewarding & revealing session, not to mention fun –  i don’t recall when time passed so quickly for me.  i left with much food for thought and some real clarity in how to proceed through a time of changes in my life.  the office itself is cool, calm and spacious and the easy chairs very comfortable.  treat yourself to a visit with colin – highest recommendation.



My Tarot reading was unexpectedly brilliant. Colin McPhillamy is remarkable. He gave me a comprehensive account of my life, character and personality, identified key elements and moments and made sense of so many things. This was inspiring and rewarding in so many ways. He spoke with fluency and insight, with humour and generosity, and I have come away feeling renewed. In addition to the natal and progressive charts he also did two Tarot readings in response to specific questions. These readings have already made a huge difference to my life and work. His knowledge is impressive and his manner easy, charming and fun. If you’ve ever thought about having an astrological or Tarot reading then I highly recommend Colin McPhillamy.


Though I am a skeptic, I was surprised and delighted with the intuitiveness of Colin’s reading. Inferences he drew from my natal chart felt very accurate and illuminating, offering some explanation for long-buried issues. There were aspects of the talk that were as cathartic as any to be had with a therapist, while being far more fun. As to ‘where I am now and where I’m going,’ it was gloriously positive and even though I don’t expect that it’s a true marker, it nonetheless made me feel happy and hopeful and prepared to go forward feeling like someone in the universe might just be on my side. Colin is a thoughtful, thorough, and cheerful interpreter of possibilities. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


Colin employs a wonderful combination of expert knowledge, wit and empathy. I left the reading charged with concrete ideas on how to deal with specific concerns.  Though I regularly see a therapist and glean a lot from such introspection, our astrology session and tarot reading broke issues down much further than expected, offering precise clues on actions to be taken. Those lines around Colin’s eyes are not merely for theatrical effect. This is a sensitive man with a deep and kind soul… and plenty of substance to boot.
I only wish there were a Colin McPhillamy app!


I have visited many alternative and intuitive practitioners through the years, and Colin remains a favorite. His combination of common sense and delight in mystery are the perfect antidote to anxiety and confusion. I have also found his knowledge of the Tarot, its history, and its many many off-shoots almost unrivaled. A deep thinker, a patient listener, and above all a tremendously funny companion. This is someone who has found his calling.


Connecting with Colin over a chart reading — and some Tarot cards in answer to a specific enquiry — was a delight. His knowledge is expert, calmly deployed with wit and wisdom. By the end I felt seen and supported to take a bold and exciting decision. Colin’s readings are an empowering blessing.


I recently had an Astrology and Tarot reading from Colin, his insight and interpretation helped me see how to utilise more of my personal traits and make some much wiser decisions in my life generally. He has a profound knowledge of both modalities and marries them beautifully. I highly recommend his readings. And he’s also a top bloke!


I just finished a fascinating session on Skype with the very talented Colin McPhillamy (the acclaimed actor, writer and world traveler) in New York, who gave me an impressive reading with an astrological chart and tarot cards. Not my first time exploring these modalities I can assure you, and I must admit that I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic about such things; however, I found Colin’s reading to be, introspectively, quite accurate…actually rather spot on. If this sort of thing interests you, look him up for sure. He won’t disappoint!


Colin McPhillamy is amazing. Want to know more about your Natal Chart and Astrological origins? Want to be blown away by an honest and succinctly sublime Tarot reading? He is what I call an iconoclast and man of morals and high esteem. He’s damn phenomenal. And a brilliant actor to boot. What a gift. Thank you, friend.


I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Colin several years ago. I believe that his long, successful career as an actor has made him very well suited to readings. His stage work has made him very sensitive to reading the energies of those around him. I remember the reading he did for me as being incredibly accurate.


This was my first ever natal chart reading. Colin was so charming and easy to work with. What I most appreciated about the reading was Colin made me feel nothing was prescribed or absolute, that this was a mere snapshot of the heavens at the time of my birth that had energy and direction to it. As we delved further into details, he would ask “Does this ring true? Have you had these thoughts or feelings?” This made me feel we were working collaboratively. I had a very positive experience and would recommend Colin to all. I look forward to continuing working with him in the future moving further into the chart.


Colin and I did an acting gig together in Philly. I had not met him prior to that. I knew what tarot reading was, and was fairly indifferent about it. Colin asked me if I would like a reading. I admit, I had a bit of a giggle, but then said, “What the hell?” The lovely thing about Colin is that he doesn’t act like some all-seeing mystic. He’s the same chap as he is backstage – funny, charming, real – and it’s exactly the same at a table with a set of tarot cards in front of you. Okay, so he’s an actor, but it’s no act, I promise.


My session with Colin was down-to earth and enjoyable. He knows his astrology stuff, and was good at explaining significant aspects of my chart. I was engaged with the process, impressed by how much resonated with me, and at the same time liked Colin’s approach that choices about my life are up to me, not an external fate. He made the time creative and fun, and clearly enjoys working with astrology and tarot.

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